February, 2011


Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

Quarz Composer OpenCL Boids 2.0 from Matthias Oostrik on Vimeo.

It’s quite hard for vimeo to show the details , so here a couple of snapshots:

Dust and I were working on boids some months ago for a generative artwork. I got distracted by other projects, but recently i had some time to spare, so i decided to rewrite the code for the purpose of sharing. Here it is…


  • The current Boid system is based on this C++ code by Christopher Kline.
  • My research started with this page from Conrad Parker.
  • For the future I’m inspired by this demo. The inputs are very understandable and easy to handle.

In future versions i’m thinking of:

  • add collision and attraction objects/functionality for use with mouse, motion detection etc.
  • convert to a music visualizer

Changing the amount of boids or the tail length while running the composition often results in a Crash (QC bug)

>>> download boids quartz comp <<<

for more info on the composition visit the thread on kineme


Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

For some basic video tracking I created a extended version of the original Quartz Composer Image Pixel patch.
This plugin has almost the same functionality, but for more than one pixel. It returns a structure with the color info of all the pixels from the image you feed it.

I also made a slightly modified version of the plugin (PixelS2) together with an OpenCL Patch with the same functionality. The OpenCL patch is much faster! Xcode project of the plugin included.

>>> download Image PixelS2 plugin <<<