If it looks just like, you know, ‘art’… it probably isn’t.
Brian Reffin Smith


The Forgettable Art Machine is an AI-driven video installation. Using the associative power of Artificial Intelligence, the work captures its audience in a transient stream of artistic looking images.
As visitors face The Forgettable Art Machine it captures their image, initiating a cycle of analysis, creation and destruction: Multiple AI systems describe the image with artistic prompts and computer vision models. From this data, a composition emerges, slowly transforming the visitors' image into a generative visualization. Once the cycle is completed, the composition is unceremoniously erased, awaiting the capture of new audience.
The endless cycle of The Forgettable Art Machine is both captivating and demystifying. As visitors watch time and again how their presence shapes each surprising composition, they gain a better understanding of the statistical models we call AI.
The Forgettable Art Machine capitalizes on the current AI hype, leveraging its state-of-the-art tools and embracing its critical examination. It prompts the audience to wonder whether AI simply imitates art or produces original creations. Whether AI is an autonomous artist or just a tool that empowers human expression?


Dead End Gallery NL | June 24 - August 31 '23
Lowlands NL | August 19 - 21 '23
Nova Bienal Museu do Amanhã | BR | September 19 - Oktober 31 '23
Society 5.0 Festival NL | October 31 - November 1 '23
Museumnacht Amsterdam NL | November 4 '23
Rendr Festival GB | February 29 - March 01 '23
Belfast Photo Festival GB | June '24

This isn’t going to stop. Art is dead, dude. It’s over. A.I. won. Humans lost.
Mr. Allen


Studio Setup
Lowlands Festival '23

We need to demystify AI, and understand it as ... ‘statistics on steroids’
Siri Beerends


a project by
Matthias Oostrik
ai music
Than van Nispen

AI art is the result of a collaboration between an artist and an AI system
Adam Hencz



video installation

1 channel video | 1 channel camera | 1 channel sound


footprint W*D*H
3x5x3 meters

software used
Stable Diffusion | Yolo v8 | DeepFace | Depth AI | openGL | Python
Technical Rider