If it looks just like, you know, ‘art’… it probably isn’t.
Brian Reffin Smith


AIIA - The Forgettable Art Machine is an AI-driven video installation. Using the associative power of Artificial Intelligence, the work captures its audience in a transient stream of artistic looking images.
As visitors face AIIA - The Forgettable Art Machine the installation captures their image, initiating a cycle of analysis, creation and destruction. First the AI quickly describes the visitors and completes the resulting prompt with artistic phrases. Using both the image and the prompt, the installation starts a visual sequence of generation. Over the course of 16 seconds, visitors witness the gradual emergence of a new composition. Once this composition is fully formed, it is disgracefully erased, and the cycle starts over.
This endless ephemeral cycle of AIIA - The Forgettable Art Machine is both captivating and demystifying. Observing their own presence reflected in every surprising composition, visitors remain enthusiastic and engaged throughout many cycles, while the installation's generative visualizations offer intriguing insights into the inner workings of the statistical models we refer to as AI.
AIIA - The Forgettable Art Machine capitalizes on the current AI hype, leveraging its state-of-the-art tools and embracing its critical examination. It prompts contemplation on AI art — whether it merely imitates existing artists or creates original artworks by melding styles, movements, media and techniques from throughout art history.


Dead End Gallery NL | June 24 - August 31 2023
Lowlands NL | August 19 2023
Museu do Amanhã Brazil | Oktober 19 - Oktober 31 2023

This isn’t going to stop. Art is dead, dude. It’s over. A.I. won. Humans lost.
Mr. Allen


Studio Setup
Lowlands Festival '23

We need to demystify AI, and understand it as ... ‘statistics on steroids’
Siri Beerends


a project by
Matthias Oostrik
Dead End Gallery



video installation

1 channel video | 1 channel camera


footprint W*D*H
3x5x3 meters

software used
Stable Diffusion | Python | Depth AI | Touch Designer