ofxFlowtools is an open source software toolkit for creating audiovisual installations that respond to human motion.
ofxFlowtools is an add-on for OpenFrameworks that combines 2D fluid simulation, optical flow and more using GLSL shaders. The source code can be found on GitHub
ofxFlowtools is at the core of most of Oostrik's installations. Occasionally he uses the toolkit directly for Performances or Interaction with a live Audience.
ofxFlowtools is also being used by other artist and creatives.


ofxFlowtools as part of the performance Synchron(icit)y. By Dikker + Oostrik in collaboration with ICK Amsterdam


ofxFlowtools used to create a interactive backdrop for a live audience in Paradiso Tolhuistuin

Other Artists and Design Studios

ofxFlowtools used by Convival Studios for the artwork Frequencies.
ofxFlowtools used for the spectacular installation 150 media streams by Leviathan
ofxFlowtools used for digital signage by DigitalArti