plplpl.pl pt.1-9 is a series of experimental audiovisual sculptures, exploring the presence of its visitors.
plplpl.pl pt.1-9 uses digital techniques, such as projection mapping and time distortion to fragment, rearrange and transpose video of the audience in a visual poems of time and presence.
The AudioVisual Sculptures of plplpl.pl pt.1-9 were exhibited from 2009 to 2012 in national and international art festivals such as TodaysArt (The Hague), ILikeToWatchToo (Amsterdam) and The Mapping Festival (Geneva).
The final artwork of plplpl.pl pt.1-9 'Lost Presence' was among the last works shown in the NIMK (Netherlands Institute for Media Arts). Unfortunately it's documentation has been lost.

plplpl.pl pt.1

Mirror of Broken Time
AudioVisual Sculpture and Performance. Through the reflections of a shattered mirror, the audience members are strangely compelled to gaze at their own image.
The performance is made in collaboration with choreographer Leonie Kuipers and performer Laura de Boer. The music is composed by Michiel Mensingh
year 2009
type Audiovisual Installation | Performance
media 3 channel projection | 2 channel sound
duration infinite | 11"30"

plplpl.pl pt.2

Curtain vs. Mirror (the final battle)
Visual Sculpture in a window of a vacant shop. The installation uses projection mapping to rearrange the live video footage of the adjacent street. Every piece of this three dimensional screen shows a different fragment of time.
year 2010
type Visual Installation
media 1 channel projection | 1 channel camera
duration infinite
support Amsterdam fund for the arts

plplpl.pl pt.6

Visual Sculpture. 3 cameras hidden in the sculpture inspires the audience to leave their presence with the installation.
year 2011
type Visual Installation
media 3 channel projection
duration infinite
commissioned by Oddstream

plplpl.pl pt.7

This site specific visual installation transforms the glass entrance of the Hague’s city hall into a collective visual memory. Over a 100 screens capture the audience entering and leaving the complex: Fragmenting, rearranging and transposing the audience’s reflections in a visual poem of time and presence.
year 2011
type Visual Installation
media 3 channel projection
duration infinite
commissioned by TodaysArt